Medical Equipments

Purchasing a medical equipments

Today due to lots of sellers/manufacturers the buyers have the option to demand their requirements. The sellers normally offer and focus only on what is demanded by the hospital (their customers) and ignore the patients (customers of the hospitals). If what is demanded is going to be Price the manufacturers offer lower and lower due to competition and compromise on the rest. But not all manufacturers do this. Some do relish long term dividends. But is the purchasing hospital able to make the right decision on purchase. Is the hospital neglecting all aspects and only working on the immediate purchase cost? Everything that is low priced is not bad, and everything that is high priced need not necessarily be good. Yes, it is a confusing statement. So is procurement.

Here is a small list you should keep in mind before purchasing any medical equipment.

    Make a list of all medical equipments that you need
  • Keep the list handy
  • Maintain an excel comprising the equipments in an excel format

  • Have you made space arrangements for the medical equipment
  • Incase of large equipments, please ensure there is enough walking space in the room after the equipment is placed inside
  • For smaller equipments, please ensure there is a storage space

  • Have you kept aside necessary budget for buying the equipments; some equipments can be costly
  • Do you have sufficient funds
  • Incase the amount is huge; arrange for bank loans prior to negotiating with the equipment supplier

  • Supplier identification
  • Search on the internet for the Major domestic and international suppliers for the equipment
  • Search for suppliers for locally present support offices

  • Search about the equipment
  • Search about the equipments that you are keen on buying
  • Check if any latest version/ model of the equipment is on the anvil
  • Ensure that the equipment supplied is ease to use
  • Check for average life of the equipment

  • Negotiating with the Supplier
  • Ask for written quotation from all the suppliers you touch base with.
  • Don't hesitate to ask for a discount

  • Reference from the Supplier
  • Ask the supplier to give a reference of the doctor / clinic using the equipment

  • Post buying tips
  • Don't forget to take the contact number of the salesperson
  • Give a call to him once in a while, to get the latest update on equipments (Equipment providers also provide software upgrade/ Buy back old equipment/ have exchange offers)

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