Cupping Takes The Pain Away
Cupping is a form of alternative pain therapy

"There are two forms of cupping therapy," "Cupping therapy is a treatment in which the practitioner creates suction in a cup. And then applies that cup to the body, which then draws the skin up around the cup, under the cup."

The traditional method uses fire , in this method we hold a cotton ball and wets it with alcohol. Then ignites the soaked cotton ball and places it in the cup.

"Fire cupping uses a flame to create suction in the cup - in this method you'll see a flame in the cup - and then, we'll apply the cup to the body."

The skin gets sucked up and rises under the cup as blood rushes up.

"Cupping brings fresh blood to the area, "So it tends to improve circulation. Most commonly, it's used for aches and pains of various types like cervical, knee pain, backache, cervical spondylosis etc.

"It feels a bit strange," the patient says, "Definitely doesn't hurt, it just feels like someone's pulling at your skin."

"Cupping therapy is usually used as part of Acupuncture or body work treatment. It's been part of Chinese medicine for over 2,500 years. Originally, animal horn was the original cup. The horn method is the original thing. Later on brass, ceramic, bamboo cups were used."

It looks like something out of medieval alchemy; it is just an alternate method of treatment.

"Fire cupping is the traditional, most effective method. Some practitioners choose to use the suction cup method, where you pump up the suction cup and that's it. Same kind of thing - just doesn't use flame."

There are very few conditions in which cupping should not be used, such as high fever, skin disease or tendency to bleed easily.

Each cupping session last about 10 to 15 minutes and it can be repeated, once the marks are cleared, until the problem is resolved.

To get a treatment, seek a licensed acupuncturist.

Deepti Gupta, B.T.C.M ,D.T.C.M ,M.I.A ,AC.S
Specialities: Speciality in Neuro Diseases & pain disorders and so called incurable diseases.

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