Power of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga's benefits are not restricted to physical health however and also include giving the whole body a massage like experience and also a massage of one's internal organs. Some of the internal organs like one's prostrate, which never get massaged, can be now massaged through yoga. Yoga can also help in keeping various diseases and health conditions at bay. Similarly, yoga can aid in forewarning one about the onset of some disorder or disease. Yoga also helps one in developing a sense of awareness about the state of their body which allows them to take the necessary pre-emptive action to correct a possible disorder.

Here is a list about benefits of yoga :

  • Regular practice of yoga results in higher stress resistance.

  • It increases the distance to appearing life problems.

  • Practice of yoga increases inner calmness.

  • The results are found to be higher optimism and mood improvement.

  • Improvement of one's image/self-esteem is seen.

  • Higher assertiveness/courage is one of the results of yoga practice.

  • Practice of yoga increases the ability to take decisions with easiness.

  • Increased sense of emotional balance is one of the important benefits.

  • It Increases body consciousness/awareness of the individual practicing yoga.

  • Overall health improvement is seen.

  • Body's fitness and flexibility increases and rigidity goes away.

  • Body becomes agile and there is improvement in body endurance.

  • Yoga makes the practicing individual to develop higher endurance/persistence in tasks involving big efforts.

  • One of the most important results of yoga practice is improvement in attention and concentration.

  • It helps in regeneration of physical and psychic strength.

  • It helps in tackling sleep related problems.

  • It helps in improving organizational abilities including better organization of the day.

  • The role of yoga in treating many physical and mental health problems related problems/illnesses is well documented.

  • Regular practice of yoga helps in developing a sense of connectedness with higher self or universal self, the creator of the universe.

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