IT and Healthcare

A Career in IT Healthcare

IT healthcare is the promising area of job growth. In recent years, job growth has been targeted at IT healthcare sector. According to the recent report, PDF ranked a career in healthcare information technology the number-one "hottest" career.

Healthcare in IT
IT and healthcare industry are the top two industries to recognize significant growth. Researchers are creating new ways to improve and deliver healthcare using IT, from developing tiny monitors that can remotely detect diagnose diseases and monitor the state of a patient to deal with the issues of data privacy and security of electronic medical records.

Research related to IT and healthcare
Sensor Networks: - According to a research, when a person falls sensor networks will automatically alert emergency through a cell phone. With proper security and precautions, the data gathered by these sensor networks, such as blood sugar, heart rate could be made available to doctors to use them for the patient's treatment.

  • Telemedicine: - Telemedicine can transmit clinical knowledge to wherever it is needed. Healthcare is advancing so rapidly that it seems to be very difficult for doctors to manage patients and patient records. To provide help smart reminders will automatically provide information to doctors about patients health.
  • Electronic Medical Records / EMR Services:- EMR and Electronic Health Record (EHR) are becoming standards in healthcare records management. Government is strongly encouraging a national transition to EMR in which Binovia helps in keeping your facilities up-to-date and are ready for any governmental changes. Binovia works directly with the staff to ensure a smooth transition. EMR/EHR system implementation and training services help the transition from paper records to electronic records.

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