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Drugs That Increase Cancer Risk

Common drugs that increase cancer risk and lead to heart cancer, breast cancer, sleeping medication etc. Digoxin, Micardis, Melatonin are some drugs that lead to cancer risk.

  • Common Drugs for Heart that Increase Cancer Risk

    A very shocking result has came out from a research that on analysing the available data on drugs the angiotensin-receptor blockers showed patients were 1.2 percent more likely to be diagnosed with a new cancer over four years than others who did not take the drugs. Most patients in the trials (86 percent) took German drugmaker Boehringer Ingelheim's telmi sar tan, sold as Micardis, which has annual sales of more than 1.5 billion dollars.

    According to Dr Ilke Sipahi and colleagues from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, US "The increased risk of new cancer occurrence is modest".

  • Common Drugs for Breast Cancer that Increase Cancer Risk
    According to the researcher done by Dane, women who take the heart drug Digoxin (marketed as Lanoxin and Digitek) have higher possibility of breast cancer. Digoxin, Beta blockers and Statins are the heart drugs but Digoxin is mostly preferred. About two percent of the women who took digoxin at any point during the new study eventually developed breast cancer.

    A people suffering from heart failure or with abnormal heart beats use Digoxin, but sometimes digoxin acts like a female hormone estrogen in the body, which might lead to cancer risk. GlaxoSmithKline, which markets digoxin, was not available for immediate comment on the study.

    Dr. Timothy Lash of Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, a breast cancer expert who was not involved in the study said that it's amazing how few women actually developed this disease.

    About 100,000 women age 20 and older took digoxin at some point during the course of the study, which tracked women for an average of 12 years. In the U.S, according to the American Cancer Society about one in eight women develop breast cancer at some point. The chance of getting breast cancer is highest in women who take digoxin in their first year.

    It has not been proved that digoxin, also known as digitalis, actually causes breast cancer in some women. And even if it does, the heart benefits might still outweigh that risk, the researchers write in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.So the findings don't mean women should avoid taking digoxin, Lash told Reuters Health.
  • Common Drugs for Sleeping Disorder that Increase Cancer Risk
    According to the British Medical Journal (BMJ Open), a strong correlation is found between use of prescription sleeping medications and increased risk of cancer, heart attack, death and other health conditions. Daniel Kripke with his research team from a renowned Sleep Center in San Diego did a research on 10,000 patients who were taking prescription sleeping pills during the study period of 2.5 years, and compared health-related events to almost 24,000 individuals, who were not taking these prescription drugs. Robert D. Langer (Jackson Hole Centre for Preventive Medicine in Jackson, Wyoming) said, he wonders why the medical profession uses these drugs as the first line of treatment in sleeping disorders, as it has been shown that sleep disorders in adults is primarily a result of an age-related decline in melatonin secretion from the pineal gland. Melatonin helps put us into a deep sleep. Melatonin is also an important brain antioxidant, immune modulator, and higher levels are linked to a reduced risk of cancer, especially breast and prostate cancer. Melatonin supplementation has been shown to be a safe and effective therapy for insomnia, and the side effects include better free radical protection of brain cells (which may reduce of Alzheimer's disease according experimental studies), improved immune function and reduced cancer risk. Dr Lissoni in Italy showed the medical community several years ago that melatonin supplementation is an important aspect of treating breast and prostate cancer (as part of adjunctive management of these cancers).

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