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Role of Medical Professionals in the Emerging Healthcare Scenario
Healthcare professionals face lot of challenges in today's healthcare environment. This can be related to newer techniques, corporate hospitals, changing mindset of patients or current medical practices.

In the emerging healthcare scenario Doctor-Patient Relationship is becoming a transaction oriented practice, there is increasing media awareness among patients about the medical malpractices, the number of internet savvy patients is increasing who have started questioning the healthcare providers and the corporate hospitals is giving a challenge to the individual practitioners.
Doctors invest almost decade in becoming professionals through technical education and internship. However during the course of this training the formal medical education fails to train the doctors in some key skill areas, which would be of immense importance in the emerging healthcare scenario. The reasons would be to cope with the demands of the healthcare services, difficulty in keeping the patients satisfied and most of the time dealing with management issues.

    This would require:
  • Personalizing healthcare: Doctor - Patient Relationship is unique within the health care profession. Every patient is an opportunity to build this relationship.
  • Patient Advisor: Doctor today has to be a healthcare advisor, not just provider.
  • Corporate thinking: To handle corporate sector challenges one needs to open to new learning"s.
  • Medical Practice Branding: Traditionally, the only acceptable way of building practice was 'word of mouth', but today doctors can use additional avenues to promote themselves ethically.
Therefore, the role of a medical practitioner today is not only of a clinician and an academician but also a manager and executor for providing excellent medical services. In other ways from "Disease centric it has to be a Patient centric approach".

Correspondence: Dr. Shalini Ratan (MBBS, MD) Founder and Chief Knowledge Facilitator, Nirvan Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Dr. Shalini Ratan, MBBS, MD (Delhi University) Post doctoral fellow (CCMB, Hyderabad) has been a medical professional for 15 years with progressive experience in medical marketing, training, clinical laboratory techniques and scientific research. She has taken a Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research Studies, Mumbai.

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