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Bridal Glow at Kaya Skin Clinic

Every bride wants to look her best before taking her wedding vows. This day is the most important day in the life of a bride. So, it's only natural that she wants to look her best. While you're busy picking your wedding outfit, sending out invitations and making other arrangements, don't forget to take some time off your crazy routine to indulge in some bridal skincare which will help you look absolutely stunning on your wedding day! Bridal skincare is vitally important if you wish to look gorgeous on your wedding day. Experts say, if you don't plan ahead for your bridal beauty and grooming routines it can increase your stress on the very day you want to look poised and serene. Kaya Skin Clinic also has on offer perfectly planned step-by-step beauty packages for the bride, the groom, their family and friends to ensure that this day is remembered forever.

Bridal Tips FOR THE BRIDE: You're engaged, congratulations! As a bride-to-be, you already know the joy (and stress) of planning a wedding. While everything else falls into place, it's time for you to take care of yourself in preparation for the big day. You deserve to captivate guests as you walk into the mandap or down the aisle and be proud of your wedding photos for years to come. Being the expert we understand that each skin type needs different skin care solutions and at Kaya we ensure that you get customized skin care solutions which will give you the deserved radiance on your D-day. We have a range of services depending on the time the brand has in hand, before her big day.

Your bridal ensemble will never be complete without a fabulous looking back and smooth arms. Kaya understands the need to have toned skin and has developed this program keeping a bride's needs in mind which will leave your skin looking radiant, soft and smooth. This package can be taken for 30 days / 15 days.

Along with customized care for your skin, brides-to-be can also get smooth, silky skin forever with Kaya Hairfree- a permanent laser hair reduction service. You can now opt for underarms, bikini or our attractive full body Hairfree package which is safe, effective and US FDA approved.

We have introduced some very exciting offerings on BOTOX & Fillers for the bride. Use BOTOX to get those perfectly arched eyebrows. Get rid of hollows beneath the eyes that make you look gloomy and tired with our range of advanced fillers. Brides can also enhance their lips to look fuller and sensuous with our US FDA approved fillers like Juvederm XC. You can also augment your cheeks, chin and nose to enhance your facial features using BOTOX and Juvederm Voluma. The pricing for these services depend on the customized packages.

Why let the Bride be the only one to catch all the attention? Grooming and preening are not only part and parcel of the brides wedding day as the grooms too want to look at their best on the D-day. And when your big day comes knocking, worry only about cold feet, not about your acne and the rough, uneven skin tone. We have two special packages that address needs of Acne Prone Skin and Normal Skin giving the groom an evenness of skin tone and reduced oiliness resulting in clear and radiant skin, as desirable for the day.

Watching your son/ daughter take their marriage vows is a moment to be treasured and you should look gorgeous as the big day unfolds. Our Mothers special 30-day packages are a combination of services like Meso Therapy, Aqua Radiance, Everyday Radiance, Microdermabrasion and a range of peels to ensure that your skin looks fresh, young and radiant on the big day.

There's always a special role to play as the best friend of the bride/groom, when the big day arrives. Our My Best Friends Wedding Package is designed to give your skin an even tone with radiance, while making it softer and smoother, in just 7 days. It utilizes a combination of various services like Aqua Fairness, Everyday Radiance, Aqua Radiance and Microdermabrasion spread over 7 days. These services will give you an instant glow.

Here is a simple countdown list with some skin and hair care tips by Dr. Sangeeta Amladi - Head Medical Services, Kaya Skin Clinic to make sure that your skin looks as flawless as you would like on your wedding day.

Proper Cleansing
As part of your bridal skin care plan, a proper cleansing routine is very essential for the skin.

  • Use a mild cleanser for your face, preferably a moisturizing cleanser every morning and night before going to sleep.
  • After cleansing your face always apply a good moisturizer soon after.
  • Remove make up as soon as you get back home, with a proper make-up remover or a mild cleansing lotion.
  • Make use of a good exfoliating product, at least thrice a week.

Protect your skin
  • Apply a water resistant sunscreen 20 minutes before going out and make sure to repeat the application every 3-4 hours.
  • Avoid toners/astringents as they dry up the skin.
  • Use cream based (for dry skin) or lotion based (for oily skin) make up.
  • Make sure you moisturize your skin after removing make up.

Good Diet & Proper Sleep
Following a proper and balanced diet forms a very important part of bridal skin care.
  • Nourish your skin by drinking at least 12 glasses of water every day as it is critical to hydrate your skin from within. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • Try to remain as stress-free as possible.

Hair care for brides
  • Use a mild shampoo for cleansing twice/thrice a week.
  • Use an anti-dandruff shampoo in case you have a problem.
  • Conditioning is a must after shampooing.
  • Use suitable serum to keep your hair from drying.
  • Treatments like blow drying, perming, coloring etc could make your hair dry. Take special care and moisture hair with serum if you plan to undertake these treatments.

Tips to keep in mind
  • Put a limit on your caffeine consumption and stay away from foods that contain too much sugar or are high in calories.
  • Don't try new products and treatments a day or two before your wedding as they may not suit your skin and could lead to breakouts and allergic reactions.
  • Do not use old makeup or beauty products. Cosmetic products need to be changed once a year.
  • While buying products for your skin, always keep your skin type in mind - dry, oily or normal.

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