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Latest Invention in Cartilage Re-Growth and Pain Management- Series 3
After the successful invention of Phyto-Medicines by Dr.A.K.Ganguly, Pain Management and Biotechnology companies will require to thrive in for new advancements for the era of personalized medicine to recover and re-grow damage parts in our body. This revolutionary invention by a renowned doctor has opened doors for billions to live a pain free life for the first time in their life

The overall environment of healthcare's move toward a more individualized approach has begun to help, but more investment in biotechnology would create a more competitive arena and complement the rapid advances for the industry. As per a renowned health care company called AG Herbs Pte. Ltd, Singapore who are the founder of Phyto-Medicines with the help of which you can re-grow your cartilages, tissues and strengthen your muscles and mobility (e.g: Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Slip-Disc, Varicose Vein, etc.). The company runs its patented medical therapy centers under the name of OPTM Health Care, New York (USA) which has been operating and has successfully treated Millions of people for the past 30 years. According to the Chairman & CEO of the company Dr.A.K.Ganguly, they can treat diseases starting from Arthritis to Varicose Veins without operation, oral medicines, injections, tractions or any other painful methods and since it's a permanent solution, you can see the changes over an X-Ray or MRI report during the recovery phase, before and after treatment.

For the 840 million people who are suffering from osteoarthritis, slip-disc, varicose-vein, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, sinus, etc. the current treatment available in the market consists of an increasingly strong regimen of pain medication, operation, injections and other conservative treatments like physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc. which has no permanent cure thus the improvement can't be seen or shown over a medical report like X-Ray and MRI.

For the first time you can now take advantage of these Phyto-Therapeutic Procedure which can help you to recover from not only the above mentioned disease but also from many others and all through by just applying these Medicines externally over your skin.(Tropical Application Only)

Steroids, pain-killer, injections, operations, etc. are a risky and prolong methods, without much success but only with negative side-effects. When opting for either of the above mentioned process the doctors gets rid of nerves, tissues, muscles, etc which causes the pain or the medication blocks the pain signal to reach the brain, thus resulting in a permanent damage to the body without healing the cause of the pain. In due time the pain starts spreading because the missing nerves, tissues and muscles are not being able to carry the digested food to the other parts of the body which in due time make the part weak, painful, immobile and slowly the surrounding area starts drying off too due to lack of food. Once a patient takes any of the above mentioned steps or process, the pain starts spreading through-out the whole body slowly and steadily.

Ag Herbs has created a niche market for itself with its patented medicines and therapeutic methods which can now heal and make you feel better. These Phyto-Medicines, uses live enzymes of plant cells, which when applied externally on the skin, enter through the pores of the skin and is carried with the help of bloody to the affected areas. Once the human cell and plant cell come in contact with each other they share the properties of either re-growing or healing a damage part in our body naturally. These products have no chemicals or preservatives and thus are 100% safe to be used even on a new born baby to a pregnant women and also works for ages above 90 years. It is a unique invention of its type has the company has already been able to heal millions through-out the world. This is the only medication available in the market which can help you get rid of your pain for ever.

In 2010, about 500,000 knee replacements were performed. According to the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), this number will rise to about 3.5 million by 2030. Given that the growing older population wants to remain mobile later in life, the demand for joint replacements will only grow with it. As per Dr.A.K.Ganguly "These procedures can be very painful and maximum number of time un-successful-- with long recovery periods, loads off side effects, etc. -- so there's substantial opportunity there". Ag Herbs along with OPTM Health Care has a burgeoning number of new products and protocols which are expected to enter the market over the next few years, due in part to important strategic alliances within the industry that have allowed for their development and expansion of the company.

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