Know Your Medicines

PART 4 - Manage your Medicines Safely
What Steps You Should Take While Taking Medicines With Safety And Intelligence

Medicines are taken to make you feel better. But if medicines are taken incorrectly, they can actually make you feel worse.An unwanted or side effect of a medication or therapy is that which occurs in addition to its intended effect. Most side effects are not serious and go away on their own, others can be more bothersome and even serious.

  • Store your medicine in a cool, dry place. Being exposed to heat and moisture can make medicines less potent before their expiration date. Do not store the medicines in a bathroom, near heat-producing surfaces or appliances.

  • Store drugs out of children's reach or they can be swallowed. It can be a major cause of accidental poisoning.

  • Do not share medications with others which are prescribed to you.

  • Regularly check for expired date of the medicines at home. Even check the expiration date each time you take the medicine. Replace any medication that is out of date. Throw them away and restock on some medicines if required.

  • Do not use drugs that have altered in color, smell, and consistency even if they're not yet expired. Throw away capsules or tablets that stick together, is harder or softer than normal, are cracked or chipped or have been open for some time. Dispose them to be on the safe side.

  • Take medication where there is good light so the medicine label can be seen clearly.

  • Do not mix different medications together in the same container. This will make it difficult to identify during an emergency.

  • Once used closed the lid of your medicine bottles or containers tightly.

    • With proper storage and handling, you also ensure the shelf life of your medicine and get to use them for a long time until they expire.

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