Medical Practice

Physician - Patient Relationship
What is meant by being a patient?

A person who has physical or mental ailment which can lead to some dissociation between body and mind. This state makes the person vulnerable, stressed, anxious, and scared with lot of expectations and demands from the healthcare provider. From here evolves a special bonding when a prospective patient seeks the advice, care, and/or treatment of a physician. This is Physician-Patient Relationship.
Enhancing Physician - Patient Relationship is an area of importance today. There is a need of empowering and engaging patients in the technology driven era which largely depends on the doctors. Knowledge and understanding of the needs of patients and their families now is more crucial than ever in providing exceptional patient service. Today medical practice is driven by the combination of patient experience and perception of services provided to them.

The medical professionals would need to re-think about the effectiveness of physician - patient Relationship, should be able to understand the basic principles of medical practice management, develop familiarity with the language of healthcare marketing and acquire various soft skills like communication, handling team, understanding the online world etc. This would help them handle medical practice effectively.

A doctor would need a combined talent of being an expert in his area of specialty, having an understanding of hospitality in the hospital and above all developing compassionate and empathetic approach to have loyal patients.

So the need for a doctor today is to have a patient centric approach, practice medicine as a profession, not a trade and earn profit smartly.

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