Power of Yoga

The Power Of Yoga

Practicing yoga benefits your body in every aspect of life. Patanjali: Wrote The Yoga Sutra around the second century in an attempt to define and standardize classical Yoga. It comprises 195 sutras or "threads" as well as an "Eightfold-Path". Yoga is an art to promote control of the mind and body and it is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline. Yoga comprises of eightfold path. Practicing yoga can attain the state of spiritual insight and serenity. Yoga has become a very popular exercise among people all across the world.

Yoga is an art to promote control of the mind and body and it is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline. The person who practices yoga can attain the state of spiritual insight and serenity. Yoga is a way of life and it emphasizes the importance of mind remaining calm. Yoga has become a very popular exercise among all the peoples across the world. Doing yoga regularly helps to learn about our life meaningful. Yoga also trains the mind to think positively and keeps us cool at every moment to tackle the problems and get along well with others. There is a belief that yoga gives us a higher tolerance for pain. Practicing yoga makes one feel better physically, increases the strength and focuses on calming the emotions.

Classical Yoga
The word Yoga was derived from the Sanskrit language meaning "union", which is the ancient Indian language. Practicing yoga can achieve union between the mind, body and spirit. Yoga actually referred as "Asana" in Sanskrit, which refers to the practice of physical postures or pose. Asana is nothing but the eight limbs of yoga, which are related to mental and well-being than the physical activity.

Benefits of Yoga
Yoga is not just only stretching, but it involves creating balance in the body developing through strength and flexibility along with stretching. Practicing yoga can help us to manage the body fat. The persons who are practicing yoga can see the physical benefits in their body and it also gives psychological benefits such as stress and depression reduction and a sense of well being and spiritual benefits. Spiritual benefits are feeling of connectedness with God or spirit, or a feeling of transcendence. Stress that has been developing for long time can cause our health to deteriorate rapidly. Stressful event can actually cause depression in the mind. Some people may become depressed as a result of struggling with the stress. We can work around and overcome the negative effects of depression in our body through yoga.

The effects of depression in the people are liable to work slowly with lack of concentration outcomes less productive, they are indecisive and uncertain and commit more mistakes. Through practicing yoga regularly, effects of depression can be reduced and if a person started practicing yoga earlier, they can avoid stress and depression by staying cool. Yoga can be practiced even after the person has suffering from the depression. Yoga has a dramatic effect on our brain waves and slows down the brain waves which reduces the stress levels and brings the peace into the mind. Stress and brain activity have a mutual relation, and when they are out of control they are responsible for causing the violent and needless disturbance in the mind. When the effort is put into the various yoga types, the mind becomes calm and the brain waves slowing down can be noticed. Regular practice of yoga keeps the body flexible, increase in concentration. It makes to feel good, relaxing, energizing, strengthening and it also cures various incurable diseases without any intake of medicines.

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