Righteous living I - What is right What is wrong

"When we accept equal right of everyone ,we act in consistency with the slogan of French Revolution "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity."

    It's now clear that in our discussion on the subject, two connotations of the word "right" have been used :
    • justified or correct and
    • entitlement of a person. ( The word has another connotation opposite of left side.)
    Justified entitlement of an individual or a group of individuals usually does not contend that of another individual or group. It may be, that individuals or groups having opposite interests cannot enjoy same entitlement. In such cases of disputes, question of justice arises. But who will judge whose right is right? Obviously an authority need be empowered for determining proper entitlement.
    In democratic states society is governed by elected bodies that frame or approve codes of living termed as "laws". A separate set of bodies are constituted to interpret laws, analyze disputes and take decisions on the basis of related provisions of law. The said bodies are termed as 'courts of law'. Courts are empowered to pass orders resolving the disputes. Orders are to be obeyed by the concerned person unless and until a higher court of law passes an order against the said order.

    But laws differ from country to country and age to age according to norms of living. Laws prevailing in a society where men and women were treated as commodities and were captured and sold as such are no longer valid.
    Slave system is now narrated only in books of history as an inglorious past chapter of human history. Of course, reports occasionally reveal that such system is still continuing in some regions of world in a hidden way, where persons are captured and dealt with like saleable commodities till now. If such reports are based on facts we can't but feel ashamed.
    We, however, shall have to be guided by the laws now in force in our society. Though there are laws which we are not satisfied with, yet we have to obey them. We may raise objections against the legal provisions, which we consider unjust, yet we can't totally disobey them unless we decide to violate prevailing law and order. But when our conscience pricks on some particular issue or issues, we can't but seek out the way.
    The only alternative way is to be aware of our inner voices. It may appear to be a bit obscure. But once we start practicing to listen our inner voice we are bound to feel that the voice is not very subtle or inaudible. Persistent concentrated effort will raise volume of the inner voice gradually.
    Once we start to hear both external and internal voice simultaneously and grant our rational faculty full liberty to compare between the two voices, we are sure to start righteous living.

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