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Tips For Better Term Routine For The Kids

Now-a-days school children live on a very tight routine. And the scenario gets even more complex when you have various sorts of years breaks- Sumer or Winter vacations etc. During vacations children follow a different routine and during School season a different one. Considering that even though as adults and mature individuals we find it so hard to adjust between various types of routines; it is important for us to plan the routine of our children; so that they can comfortably switch between them without getting under academic or mental pressures. You migh recall your childhood days , when you use to sleep till late during vacations and you can fondly remember that it was always a daunting task to wake up at 6AM in the morning as the school resumed. Its a typical example of routine switch, which children face so many times during an year. As a parent or guardian, it is your obligation to reinstate, if not build from scratch, daily routine after this period. But it is also of paramount importance to do it gently and realistically; without really pressuring your child too much..

Some tips that might help during this transition are:

  • Early to bed, early to rise
    An adult's body clock is different from that of a child, the latter being so sensitive. One night of staying up late may disturbance a child's sleep for almost a week. Sweet-talk your children into valuing early bedtime and slowly ease them into a healthful sleeping schedule. This is one habbit which helps an individual life long.

  • Set the breakfast table at night
    Lay out breakfast staples the night before (except for the perishables of course). Ask your older kids to take turns setting the table. Inculcate this into a morning habit.

  • Organize school clothes and book bags the night before
    The power of organizing oneself. What better than learning from your childhood? Polish your shoes in the night, lay out school uniforms or clothes and prepare bags the night before to save time in the morning.

  • Establish a "school spot"
    Reserve a "school spot," a special area for anything your kid may need for school. In this spot, place two baskets or boxes, the first for putting shoes in after removing them, the second for putting library books and other school things. Similarly, place a stand here for their blazers, coats and scarves. The "school Spot," has it all prepped for you in the morning. This also helps your kids not to forget anything that they were to carry along to school.

  • Chart everything
    Organize a chart of your children's daily requirements and tack it onto a conspicuous wall in your house. Your child can just refer to it lest he or she forgets anything for school. In time, children would learn everything by heart and have less need of the chart. Use the same to remember school invitations, reminders, and anything else you want to keep note off.

  • Homework time
    Set a venue and time for your kids for homework. Keep encyclopaedias, dictionaries, Computers and other reference books should be within reach for better efficiency. The study table's drawer should have sufficient paper and other school stationary. This will help your kids to focus on their tasks rather than spend time organizing the same.

  • Parent's preparation is a must
    You should prepare yourself also to ensure that you are able to provide seamless support to your children. Your daily tasks should not hamper in between your children's priorities.

Remember: You have to help your child to gear up for the future ahead

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