How to have sound sleep?

Sleeping well is another important factor in health and wellness of a person. It is very important that each and every person has a good night sleep for at least seven to nine hours so that he or she will wake up the next morning with a lot of fresh energy that will in turn determine the mood for the whole of the succeeding day. In this fast-paced world where people run ahead of time to achieve their preset goals and appear to be under severe stress, it has become more and more difficult to have a sound sleep in the nights.

  • Avoid taking a long nap during the day; this may make it more difficult to fall asleep at night.

  • Avoid taking heavy meals in the night; eat at regular intervals during day time.

  • Don't smoke at least for an hour or two before going to the bed.

  • Make a habit of taking a warm bath before going to bed; or else listen to some soothing music or read some books of general interest.

  • If you still finding difficult to sleep, avoid lying on the bed for more time. Get up from the bed, go to the living room and spend some time either watching TV or reading a book until you feel sleepy.

  • Use the bedroom only for sleeping, not for working or watching TV.

  • Keep your bedroom dark and quiet.

  • Avoid drink and caffeine before sleep.

  • If you are filled with worries, you may find it difficult to sleep. Try to meditate for a few minutes - either of these things will lead to sleep.

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