5 Tips to stay healthy at workplace

Do you feel stressed out at you workplace!! So here are some tips to keep your body healthy and fresh

1. A hearty breakfast :
A hearty breakfast is key to maintaining your food balance throughout the day (aim for a healthy daily 3 to 5 meal plan).

2. Homemade food during lunch :
Eating a homemade lunch is by all means much healthier than vending machine treats and many food court fast foods. Also, keep healthy snacks within reach at your desk so that you can easily and readily shun all unhealthy food cravings.

3. A stroll during your lunch break :
Whether it's a 30 minute or an hour-long lunch break, make it a point to get out of the office and take a stroll around your building or the neighborhood. If it's too hot or too cold to walk outside grab a cab and up that heart rate by enjoying a brisk walk at the closest mall/ shopping center/ park, etc.

4. Keep your Body Hydrated at work :
Always have your bottles of water stored at work. Do not settle for less than 8 glasses a day. People often tend to forget about drinking water in the midst of a busy working day. Keep your water within reach at all times while working in order for you to avoid dehydration, lack of energy and eventually inefficiency at work. Worn-out bodies and souls are naturally not as productive as healthy energetic ones!

5. Keep moving :
Do you need to share a word with a colleague down the hall? Walk down to him/ her instead of using the phone or e-mail. Do you have an urgent request from the IT department on the second floor? Walk up or down the stairs to him. This simple effort will keep your blood circulation in tune.

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