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11 Tips for a Leaner Body

If you are reading this then we know you are looking to lose weight and get a leaner body. For those who are serious about building a leaner body, don't rush into it. There are a few things you need to know about the process.
here are some important tips which are useful to get leaner body:

  • Eat small meals every 2-3 waking hours
    This will increase your metabolism and reduce fat (adipose) storage. Make sure that these are healthy meals containing balanced amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

  • Don't eat at least 3 hours before sleeping
    By not eating three hours before sleeping, you shall avoid fat storage throughout the night.

  • Jog for 15-20 minutes every morning
    If you do a calorie burning activity as soon as you wake up , the activity forces is forced to pull energy from fat stores hence reducing fat.

  • Say no to soft drinks
    Say no to soft drinks as each soft drink adds 300 calories to your body. It takes 15 minutes of running to reduce 150 calories .
  • Workout
    Workout in the gym ! As 1 lb of muscle burns 30-50 calories per day, while 1 lb of fat only burns about 9 calories per day? The more muscle your body contains the more calories you burn each day.

  • Measure your weight every month
    Measure your weight every month. This will prevent gradual weight gain from accumulating when you least expect it.

  • Drink water before every meal
    Drinking a glass of water before every meal will partially fill your stomach ensuring that you don't over eat

  • Eat a heavy breakfast, a regular lunch and a light dinner
    Decreasing the quantity of food in every meal during a day will ensure that your body can conveniently digest food.

  • Perform Abs excursive at home
    Try the straight leg raise for a challenging ab workout conveniently at your home. Lie on your back with your hands under your low back, legs straight out in front of you. Now, exhale as you pull your legs straight up into the air. Inhale as you lower your legs back down to the matt. This exercise helps to strengthen and flattens your lower abs.

  • The Importance of Carbs
    Carbohydrates converts into glucose and is used as fuel for your body. When your body has extra glucose it is stored as fat for later use. Eating Complex carbohydrates (eg whole grains, legumes, vegetables) take longer to break down into glucose and will therefore be less likely to be stored as fat than simple carbohydrates (sugar, fruit sugar.)

  • Eat a balanced diet
    Your body needs a variety of nutrients to function at its peak and thus burn fat. Healthy alternatives to your daily meals can help you get the necessary nutrients without contributing to your body fat.

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