Know Your Medicines

PART 3 -Understand your doctor's prescription
Why do you need to understand your prescription? It is to get the maximum benefit and safety from the medication you are taking.

Medicines are taken to make you feel better. But if medicines are taken incorrectly, they can actually make you feel worse.
Research shows that patients who are more involved with their care tend to get better results. So partner with your doctor on your disease management.

    Understand the prescription by asking the following questions from your doctor:
  • What does the medicine do and when you're supposed to take it.

  • For how long you are suppose to take the medicine.

  • Whether you have to take the medicine with food or on an empty stomach.

  • Are you supposed to avoid any food, drink, or activities while taking the medicine?

  • When your doctor writes you a prescription, make sure you can read it.

  • What should you do if you forget to take the medicine?

    Basic facts about your prescription
  • When your doctor writes you a prescription, make sure you can read it.

  • Confirm the right drug and the right dose before taking the medicine.

  • Don't stop taking or change your medicine without consulting your doctor.

  • Don't use medicine after its expiration date.

  • Take medicine as prescribed to you. Don't crush, break or chew tablets or capsules unless told to do so.

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