8 Myths and Facts - Homoeopathy
Homoeopathy is an unproven science

Homoeopathy is based on experimental pharm-calogical and clinical data. Over 200 years homeopathic medicines have been studied for their efficacy in a variety of indications. In fact the term 'Allopathy' was coined by the founder of homeopathy, whom the allopaths regard as the founder of experimental pharmacology.

  • Homoeopathy has no medicinal value, they are just sugar pills which act merely as 'placebos'
    Although many homeopathic medicines are in the form of white sugar pills/alcoholic drops and from the appearance or taste can be misunderstood as having no medicinal value, in fact those pills/drops are just base materials or vehicles for the said medicines which are sugar/alcohol based.
    Homoeopathic medicines have been scientifically studied the world over and found to be effective in a wide range of diseases. Thus they are in no way just 'placebos'.

  • Homoeopathy is slow acting and cannot be used in acute cases of diarrhea, fever, cough, cold, ear infections, tonsillitis etc
    Homoeopathy is fast acting in acute cases and can be effectively used in treating infections, Cold & Flu, fever etc. Unfortunately, people go to a homoeopath only when the acute problems become chronic or the conventional approaches fail to be effective. Naturally these cases take longer time to treat. Also most people take recourse to homeopathy in cases of arthritis, allergic asthma, chronic skin conditions like psoriasis etc. which take longer time to treat with any other medicines.

  • Homoeopathy is a 'magic remedy' which can treat any disorder.Homoeopathy is a 'magic remedy' which can treat any disorder.
    Homoeopathy like any other field of medicine, has its limitations. For example, it cannot treat cases where surgery is unavoidable, dental cases etc.

  • Homoeopathy is only useful in chronic cases
    Very often it is - where everything else has failed! But the true reason for this perception is because people turn to homeopathy so late when everything else has failed! After years of allopathic treatment often an illness becomes chronic. The treatment can now naturally take longer time than usual. It may be also because Allopathy was initially used.

  • Homeopath gives the same white pills in all types of illnesses. How can they be really effective?
    Depending on the illness, homeopaths medicate with different medicines. The sugar pills serve only as a vehicle for transfer of the medicine. The selected medicine, out of a range of more than 1200 different medicines, is targeted to the individual problems.

  • Diabetic patients cannot use Homoeopathic medicines?
    Yes, they can. The minute amount of sugar globuli taken daily does not matter. Sugar intake in daily diet is much higher than that.

  • One has to follow strict dietary restrictions while on Homoeopathic Medicines
    Some patients are asked to abstain from coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol etc. as these substances interfere with the action of certain homeopathic medicines. This is true only of very few medicines. Moreover, restricting alcohol and tobacco is also safe and healthy

  • Homeopaths give the same white pills for all types of illness. How can they be really effective?
    Depending on the illness, Homeopaths medicate with different medicines. The sugar pills are only the vehicles for the transfer of medicines. The selected medicine, out of a range of more than 1200 different dilutions, is targeted to the individual problems.

  • Homoeopathic Doctors are quacks who have no formal training in the field of medicine.
    In most parts of the world qualified doctors practice Homoeopathy. For example, in India there are over 160 medical colleges which offer degree and post-graduate studies in Homoeopathy. Sometime back that was the story here in U.S. too. But now it is different, although most of the genuine and immensely effective Homeopaths here are still well trained.

  • Homoeopathy also has side effects as any Rx.
    False with homeo medicines potentized 3c or higher. Can be true with medicines which are in mother tincture form or triturates of 2c or lower. Also be aware that potencies 200c or higher should be used only by professional homeopaths as they can bring on 'healing crisis' which layman cannot handle.

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