Tips for Winning Every Day

Every morning is a new day , a new challenge and a new opportunity. To achieve synergetic successs its important to keep Winning every Day!.
Statistics say that only about 10% of people succeed with their resolutions that they make each day , each month or each year. Really? That number seems very low to me. If that is really the case, then I think there are several factors that play into that low percentage. However, instead of focusing on the negative reasons why so many goals are not achieved, let's look at some positive ways to insure that we are in that 10 percent of goal achievers for day and beyond!

Here are some Tips for Winning:

Write down your goals and your motives for achieving them in a special notebook where you can look at them, add to them, or change if needed. After all we are humans and can forget things, so why not write them down and refer them for better execution of the day.
2. Innovate:
Repeating resolutions you have failed to keep before is a recipe for disappointment. Set a new goal, or approach an old aim in a new way. For example, instead of trying to lose a set amount of weight, vow to exercise more. Its not about just the routine , but more about how do we make a difference in the way we do things.

3. Be Precise:
Think about exactly what you are going to do, where and when. Vague plans fail. For example, instead of saying that you will go running on 3 days each week, decide you will run on Mondays , Wednesdays and Friday at a 7 AM in the morning.

4. Day Dream about your goals:
Visualize yourself doing whatever you need to do to achieve your resolution. Focusing on this image will help you believe in your ability to succeed and raise your vibration to match the goal. It about getting use to and addicted to where you want to be.

5. You are the captain of your ship called life:
Resolutions generally fail because they are just as easy to dismiss as they are to make. This is a great opportunity to practice self-discipline. Its about punishing yourself and rewarding yourself. Discipline is easy to preach and challenging to practice.

6. Be positive: You will get better results from thinking about the good things that will come from your new lifestyle rather than any difficulty of letting go of your old habits. Pragmatic Optimism is the key to success.

7. Your need people:
Spending time with forward thinking people who believe in you and will help you achieve your goals is instrumental to success.

8. Be persistent:
New habits can take time to learn, and once in a while you may slip up and revert to the old you. Most of us give in to temptation occasionally, so forgive yourself and keep moving forward.

Keep winning every day!!

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