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Today's youth and their lifestyle

NIGHT OUTS, lounging in the pubs, tapping your feet to the rocking music in discs, showing off 8 GB i-pods, N-Series mobiles, Levis jeans and Woodland shoes are the common lifestyle of the urban youth today. They feel if they do not have all these 'cool stuffs', then it will affect their image in college campus or their common hang-outs.

  • Night out's

  • Lodging in the pubs

  • Drinking & Smoking

  • 8 GB IPods

  • Levis jeans

  • N Series mobile

Is Today's youth heading in the right direction?
Today's generation does not understand where they are heading to. Their thought is limited to gizmo gadgets, two wheelers, night life. Today how many of would prefer a pen? If a laptop is given. How many of us would prefer to walk? If a two or four wheeler is given to us. How many of us would prefer to spend time with the family? If a option of partying in pub is given.
We are the light of the future, entertainment is fine up to certain limit but we must draw a line between fun and its side effects. We must learn to be even more responsible and see the effects in a much wider perspective. The youth comprises of maximum population in India and we must show to the rest of the world that if we take some kind of responsibility even we can prove out to be the best.

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