Acupuncture:- A boon to infertility

Lucy Appert was of 36 years and till now she had underwent 2 miscarriages, a stillbirth at 8 1/2 months and, because of a rare pregnancy related liver dysfunction, intensive illness and surgery.

But they didn't left hope for five years to have their own baby. Yet those years were very painful. Appert and her husband Edward finally saw their dream come true when their son Henry was born although he was born premature, but he was healthy.

They give this credit to "Acupuncture Therapy" for all fertility treatments, technologies and prenatal care which they underwent.

"I recommend acupuncture to everyone," Appert said. "It does work. I did everything possible for years to have a baby. I almost lost hope."

The millennias an old Asian medical practice in which the acupuncturist places tiny needles in various pressure points in the body to improve circulation and reduce stress has been around in the United States for years as an "alternative" treatment for numerous ailments.

According to the American and European studies Acupuncture has turned up a possible remedy for female infertility showing that it enhances the success rate of in vitro fertilization(IVF).

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