California managing Diabetes Care

Tracking health information at a clinic is a big job, but tracking such information for all Indians with diabetes is a monumental task. With funding from The California Endowment and the Indian Health Service (IHS), the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board established a project to assist 32 rural and urban Indian health care programs in California. The California Areas Diabetes Surveillance Project mirrors the strategies of the nationally recognized Northwest Tribal Diabetes Surveillance Project, which serves tribes in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The primary goal of the California project is to assist California tribes to build sustainable infrastructure for diabetes health information and case management. Recently, these two large programs merged into one, the Western Tribal Diabetes Project (WTDP).

Clinics now are required to complete the annual IHS Diabetes Audit. This compares a clinic's performance against national medical standards of care for people with diabetes. Clinics that actively track this information are better able to identify how patient care can be improved for individuals and are therefore better able to deliver the necessary services to their patients.

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