Contraceptive pills 'eases menstruation pain'

New research suggests that women with painful periods may benefit from taking combined contraceptive pills

A research done by a Scientists at Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden, analysed results from a 30-year study involving women with dysmenorrhoea - a condition characterised by painful periods.

The study, which is published in the journal Human Reproduction, provides convincing evidence that the contraceptive pill may help to ease period pain.

Dr Ingela Lindh said:'By comparing women at different ages,it was possible to demonstrate the influence of combined oral contraceptives on the occurrence and severity of dysmenorrhoea

"We found there was a significant difference in the severity of dysmenorrhoea depending on whether or not the women used combined oral contraceptives."

Three groups were made including 400 and 520 women,and were questioned at the age of 19 and regularly till 24.

The researchers found that women who used the combined pill experienced less severe pain than non-users.

Increasing age was also found to alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhoea, independently of pill use.Research suggests that one in five women experience severe period pain that prevents them from going through their daily activities.

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