Don't Be Afraid Of Acupuncture

Many people are Afraid of Acupuncture but shouldn't be.

Here are the facts:

1. Acupuncture is done with acupuncture pins not needles. These are small thin solid pins as tiny as a strand of hair and in most cases flexible too. Because the pins are sterile and solid - not hollow they rarely are painful.

2. Needles like used to give you an injection are hollow so that the drug being given can pass into your body or that blood can be drawn from your body.

3. The difference between pain and Qi. Pain hurts and is very different from the sensation of Qi. When a patient feels Chi or QI from acupuncture they will feel a zing feeling in the area or a tingling. The Qi can also resonate like a musical note does.

Some locations on the body will feel a sensation like heaviness or lightness. But Qi is very relaxing and many patients actually fall asleep during acupuncture.
If you are afraid of acupuncture because you think it's painful it's important to work only with someone trained at a four-year program where they receive extensive training and an eight-teen month internship in most cases.
Patients will find that painless style acupuncture has been around for centuries especially in India and Japan where the style of painless acupuncture services is promoted.

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