Avoid these Antidotes when using Homeopathic Remedies

It goes without saying: Homeopathy works. But don't misunderstand me; this doesn't mean that homeopathic remedies are indestructible! These delicate powerhouses can be antidoted (cancelled out) by certain items and foods. And what could be worse than using a remedy that you know is correct and not seeing the benefits?!
It's disheartening.
To avoid this dilemma, stay away from these chief offenders as they can cancel out the remedy's ability to act:
Mint, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Oil of Oregano, Strong chemical odors, Strong paint odors, Ammonia and Coffee (if it isn't a part of your daily habit).
Not everyone has the same sensitivity to these substances; however, it's best to avoid them entirely when using homeopathic remedies, just to be on the safe side.
Because the remedy's stimulus is present in the body for at least 5 days after it has been taken, hold off from these antidoting substances for at least that long, so as not to interfere with the body's healing process.
Just rest assured, though. If you make a mistake, carry on with the schedule as though you weren't exposed. I say this because it's difficult to know definitely, whether and to what degree, the remedy was antidote. So it's best not to retake a remedy after slipping up. Retaking the dose might introduce too strong a stimulus to the body.

To help prevent little slip-ups from occurring, here are 5 easy ways to avoid the antidotes.
Give mint-flavored products a break and give cinnamon, clove or almond flavors, (to name a few) the lime light! Be careful; mint is often hidden in cinnamon flavors.
Give mint-flavored products a break and give cinnamon, clove or almond flavors, (to name a few) the lime light! Be careful; mint is often hidden in cinnamon flavors.
Instead of mint flavored toothpastes, try Cherry or Anise flavors, available online or from health food stores.
Make your own toothpaste, like we do at home, by using baking soda and cinnamon. Try moisturizing your lips with coconut oil. You can fill a small lip-balm container and keep it with you throughout the day. (I find mine with the travel-size items in local grocery stores)
Enjoy gentler drinks, like herbal teas or this herbal coffee blend.

Occasionally, you'll find mint in tabuoli, kibi, meatballs and other Mediterranean fare. In this case, it's usually so small an amount, that it generally doesn't cause a problem.

Meanwhile, as the remedy stimulates your body's ability to balance, you may come to find, that these strong odors are less and less a threat for anti doting a remedy.

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