Practicing Reiki with others

Always position yourself so that you can observe the recipient's face. If you're working from their RIGHT, your RIGHT hand reaches to the LEFT of their body. This automatically turns your torso and head so you can see their face. If you're working from their LEFT, your LEFT hand reaches across.
You don't have to look at their face constantly; often your eyes are closed. The face registers experiences and it's good to be observant. By the time you reach the legs, this is less of a factor, but do look up once in a while.
It's also absolutely vital that you take a stance with feet shoulder-width apart, weight distributed equally on both feet, legs bent a little. Even if you sit on a stool, this posture can be adapted. Centered and moving from the hara.
Hands-on Reiki is vibratory healing. Delicacy of touch, graceful movements around the table, quietude, lightness in every way greatly contribute to the overall experience, and significantly to the recipient's ability to receive, go within and have insight, and further to really deepen their spiritual connection.
Precision and sensitive awareness is the name of the game. We live most other times in a speedy race to succeed or at least survive.
Reiki is a chance for all parts of us to be in the same room at the same time and catch up.
Our divinity and humanity thus align and life is meaningful again, purposeful, a joy.

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